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News: With gas prices up and the long, grueling season nearing its end, NASCAR's teams had to make the tough decision whether to have their haulers drive straight from Fort Worth, Texas, to Phoenix after last Sunday's race, or first go back to their shops in North Carolina to reload. One that did head straight for Phoenix was the No. 5 Chevrolet hauler, driven by Dean Mozingo. cheap Glendale isp provider, discount Glendale ISP service, cheap Glendale DSL access, low cost internet provider 'It saves money, it's easier on the guys to just bring the stuff out and swap it (at Texas),' Mozingo said. 'You don't get to go home and we're out here for 13 days straight, but other than that, it saves us money and it's pretty much a lot easier than going all the way back.' The team's test truck driver drove to Fort Worth on Monday and all the Hendrick teams helped put the needed equipment for Phoenix on Mozingo's truck and sent the rest back to Charlotte in the other semi.
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