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News: Florida Marlins first baseman Carlos Delgado became the first player to join Puerto Rico's team for the inaugural World Baseball Classic, signing a letter of intent on Thursday. It will be the first time Delgado will represent Puerto Rico since the 1995 Caribbean Series. 'I feel extremely proud, especially since I've never had the opportunity to represent Puerto Rico in a world event of this magnitude,' Delgado said. Other Puerto Rican major leaguers, including Ivan Rodriguez, Carlos Beltran, Mike Lowell and Javier Lopez have yet to confirm if they'll play in the tournament. cheap Anaheim isp provider, and with the discount Anaheim CA ISP service, cheap Anaheim CA DSL access, and with the low cost internet provider The 16-nation, 18-day World Baseball Classic will start on March 3 in Asia, where Group A will include Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China. Puerto Rico will host first- and second-round games at Hiram Bithorn stadium in San Juan, site of some of the Montreal Expos home games in 2003 and '04.
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