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News: Trading away a Dominican star wouldn't faze Jim Beattie. As general manager of the Expos, he once sent Pedro Martinez packing from Montreal. Beattie, former executive vice president of the Baltimore Orioles, met Friday at Fenway Park with Red Sox president Larry Lucchino. He's the fourth candidate interviewed since the departure of Theo Epstein last month. One of the first tasks of a new Red Sox general manager will be dealing with a trade request by slugger Manny Ramirez. Under different circumstances in 1997, Beattie traded Martinez to Boston for top pitching prospects. 'Everybody is obviously open to be traded, or eligible to be traded,' Beattie, referring to Ramirez's status as he spoke with reporters after the job interview. But at the same time, he said, he wouldn't be eager to trade away one of the game's best hitters. cheap Akron isp provider, and with the discount Akron OH ISP service, cheap Akron OH DSL access, and with the low cost internet provider. 'As a ball player, he's a force. I known David Ortiz doesn't want him to be traded. When you're trying to put together clubs, you're trying to find great hitters like Manny Ramirez.' He called his Martinez trade 'a very tough decision.' 'Payroll was not going to keep pace with everyone else's. We were given choices of letting guys become free agents _ or trading them.' he said.
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