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Get Connected Up to 5 Miles Away From The Source!

The Yagi WIFI Antenna Really Works!

A true magic wand! I live in farming country with no option for cable or DSL high speed internet. The interstate highway exit is about 3 miles from my home and I can access two hotels, a diner, and several truckstops that offers free WIFI.

Even at this long distance, I still get blazing download speeds! If you live in town, you may have over 50 sources for free WIFI.
Make sure to get the antenna that has the built-in 802.11 WIFI card and USB cable connection. You want at least 2000mW (or 14dbi) in power! I paid about $150 for the Yagi. You can now find them for under $100 on eBay and Amazon. The $150 I paid is a bargain when you figure I will never have an internet service bill again!

The Yagi also works great when traveling with your laptop computer. There are "hot spots" just about everywhere!

Installation. It comes with a setup disk, but you really dont need it. Plug the USB cable into your computer. Windows will find it as an ethernet card or wireless device. Use the Network setup wizard to setup a wireless connection. Go to Networking and find available networks. Use the one that gives the strongest signal. Point the antenna in different directions to find available networks. I have mine hanging on the wall like a picture frame. To get a stronger signal, you can mount it outside a window or in the attic. It is easy to do with an USB extension cable. It works with Windows, Linux, or Mac.
Get the free inSSIDer Software. It works like NetStumbler to make it easy to find open networks using a Windows machine.

Note: This type of WIFI antenna is so powerful (24x stronger than normal wireless NIC card!), it is illegal in many parts of europe and asia. Check local laws to see if it is legal where you live.

You can also use a normal USB dongle with a removable antenna; then connect a strong Yagi wifi antenna to it. This could be a cheaper solution if you shop around. As for myself, I like spending a little more for a proven package that will work.

  • The strong Yagi Antenna is up to 24 times more powerful than a normal wireless wifi adapter!
  • Built-In USB WiFi Card 802.11g, no signal lost because of coax cable. You get the pure signal right from the Active Element. Long USB cable makes it easy to mount anywhere.

    Warning: Piggybacking on your neighbor's open WIFI signal could be illegal in some cities. Check local laws. It is best to use this antenna to access free networks only.

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  • Get free internet service provider ( free ISP). Is it illegal? The 17dbi Yagi antenna has a built-in wifi card plus a 15' USB cable. Get free high speed ISP provider. Get free ISP connection from up to 5 miles from the source. This wifi antenna is so powerful, it is illegal in many countries! Try it for 30 days

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    Yagi antenna
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